TNL: Tuesday Night Live is our monthly gathering on the UCSD campus. This night is where we come together to worship, pray, hear incredible stories of what God is doing in and through people, and have lots of fun. Think of a family reunion, so you never know what to expect. We all have something to bring and Jesus has given us so much. One thing is for sure – TNL’s are about encountering God to be transformed. Typically, these nights are filled with healing, freedom, and celebration. It’s heaven on earth. It’s super casual and there’s always some food afterwards. We would love to meet you and hope to see you there! Anyone is welcome to attend. What to Expect: You will be greeted with some smiling faces and some hugs. Everybody needs hugs. There will be musicians who help facilitate a time of powerful worship. There’s usually an opportunity to receive prayer.



At 6:30pm, before TNL, we have a time for anyone to stop by and receive prophetic words (spiritual readings). You just sit down and a couple people will ask what God is saying about you, which is always good. It’s low key, safe, encouraging, and open to everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. .


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Tuesday, January 9th at 7pm: Tuesday Night Live Homestyle

january, 2018

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