Without the biosphere on earth, there would be no ecosystems, and thus, no life. Similarly, without relationships, there’s no Kingdom of God. God’s business is family. Origins Biospheres are micro-communities that meet consistently to live out life in Christ together. You could say it’s, “living out life in the micro”. We grow best in micro settings. Lone rangers don’t make it in life. We’re designed for spiritual family and Biospheres are one way to walk in deeper relationships with each other and learn more about who we are in Christ. Meeting regularly to love, encourage, and remind each other of our identity in Christ is just one of the powerful aspects of a Biosphere.

What to Expect – Biospheres all look very different. There may be a meal together, Bible study, worship, or going out to pray for the sick just to name a few. These are Holy Spirit led and immersed in the Father God’s love. We would love to get to know you and are confident a Biosphere would be a great experience in furthering your journey in Jesus.


Eric Lal (eclal@ucdavis.edu)


Winter Quarter Biospheres:

Thursdays 7:00pm at PC- contact Faith for more info

Marketplace Biospheres- contact Liz for more info

Want more info on Biospheres? Contact us today: info@origins.cc

february, 2018

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